Non-confirmed Transaction Orders Changes Randomly

It seems that some people have noticed their order of non-confirmed transactions sent/received at the same time changes at random. Of course, this is not the expected behavior, and with every synchronization, each transaction order should remain consistent. If this is something that bugs you, and you’d like to sort it out — well, good!

Today, we will discuss a solution to this unexpected behavior observed in Ledger Live. Here, we go…


Make sure you are using the latest version of Ledger Live.

If you are getting this error while exchanging crypto from two accounts with the same coin, then this is the result you get. This is because Ledger can’t differentiate between accounts and thus transactions if the accounts are exactly the same.

One way to solve this is to name each account. For example, if you have two BTC accounts on the same wallet, the first BTC could be named BTC-1 while the other could be named BTC-2. In this manner, the two accounts at least have a different name, so there will be no confusion on the blockchain when Ledger synchronizes accounts.

Once this is done, the next step to see if this fixed the issue is to synchronize the portfolio again. That’s yet.


Ledger Live can’t distinguish between two accounts that are exactly the same. Because of this, when sending transactions from one to the other the transaction orders will not be constant. Today, we have discussed a way which you can use to sort out this type of issue. If you seem to get nowhere with this fix, please contact Ledger directly.



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